Beer & Wine

At Ready Mart, all of our locations carry an extensive variety of beer (including craft beers) and wine for you to enjoy. Whether you want a nice crisp beer to relax with after a long day or a bottle of wine for a special occasion, we’ll have what you’re looking for. 

Current Specials:

While supplies last:

NEW Goose IPA Variety 12pk $4.99 each

Tangerine Sparkling Ale from Devil's Backbone 6pks $2.99 or 24/$10 (All Stores EXCEPT Biscoe)

Coors Golden Banquet $2.49/6 pk OR Buy the whole case for just $9 (S. Fayetteville Street)

Natural Light Naturdays 16oz cans $.69/can, $2.49/6pk OR $12 for a whole case (Biscoe)

NEW 10 Barrel Brew Co. Pub Beer 18pks $9.99 each

Seagram's Red, White & Boom Bottles $.69 each bottle, $3.49/6pk OR buy a case for just $12 (All Stores EXCEPT Biscoe)

Sierra Nevada Summerfest $.69 each, $3.49/6pk or Buy a 12pk for just $6.49 (N. & S. Fayetteville St., Randleman & Seagrove)

Blue Moon Honey Wheat Bottles 6pk $2.99/12pk $5.99/24pk $10 (Randleman & Seagrove)

24oz. Tecate Titanium $1/can OR Buy a whole case (12 cans) for $10 (N. & S. Fayetteville St. & Salisbury St.)

Rex Goliath Cab Sauvignon & Chardonnay 500ml Tetra Paks $1.99 each or 2/$3 (N. & S. Fayetteville St. & Seagrove)

Smirnoff Sparkling Seltzer in Variety Pks & Rose $3.99/12pk OR $7/Case (Seagrove)

Want to learn more about our beer and wine selection? Give us a call at 336-629-6278 today!